The Tecchiena Grancia is dipped in the green one. Conceived as a complex and articulate architecture, he finds within placed also a little church dedicated to San Benedetto Apostolo, this big granary belonged in the past to the Certosini of Trisulti, the most beautiful architecture example represents eighteenth-century present in the Alatrino.
Esso territory rises on lean there of the child monticchio hill, on which around to the XI century sorresero for will of the Alatri Popolo a few fortifications, several times you fire and rebuild in the course of the centuries successìvi for continuos disputes between the opposite bordering territories.
Such claims, sometimes resulting in true and real bloody battles, they induced in 1245 Papa Innocenzo IV to deprive the Comune Alatrino of any right on the Castello, incamerandolo in the goods of the Chiesa Roman and reselling it subsequently in 1395 to the Trisurdi Certosa, with, I annexed twelve hectares of land he was of gifted with, moreover lived from a Sparuta community of Condatini. The arrival of the Cetosini, pushed by the blessed rule "now Et Labora" granary changed the estate in a true one and Propio for the alimentary needs of the Certosa, keeping in force the ancient statutes what from the second half of the XIV century were regulating the life interns .

Pur in a lot of arrived difficulties in the next years, because of the continuos raids from he leaves of local Signorotti, which were longing for the possession, the "Tenimentum" reached such a vastness what in second half of the XVIII century the Certosini built per feet of the complex the current one hill of the Grancia, where they were staying up to the beginnings of of 1900. You appear more bodies solidly assembled by eighteenth-century lines, which they learned melt building and landscape second told me about a harmonica e conchiusa conception of . Per life a placed gate to right of the building one accesses in the principal courtyard, by three sides adorned by Ariose façades. From them one goes then developing, with a sumptuous building than through a myriad of androni, rooms and corridors he follows the differences of level of the ground, penetrating the Retrostante wood, becoming at last supplementing part.

 Official version

The Tecchiena Castle, architecture of the XVII century, in the Grancia charterhouse past, rises to few kilometers from the town, in the flat one of Tecchiena on those which once were the ruins of an old Maniero which was built in the XI century to defend the opulent Tecchienesi countrysides. Today is property as private, as the Badia.
Tecchiena really binds his secular history this castle, what, rising between the territories of Alatri and Ferentino remained to the center of a lot of battles. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times till the Innocenzo IV Pope did not spread his protective wing on the Maniero and grounds. Since the thirteenth century place of business but bought only a century later became the feud till to the beginnings of the XIV century was for sale messenger from the church from the monks Certosini of Trisulti. He regulate you now Et Labora dominated century on the Grancia which arrived to his maximum brightness in the XVIII. Then the decline with the descended in Italy, and Ciociaria, of the Napoleoniche troops.